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Amalgamated Security Services Limited's aim is to deliver outstanding service to all of its clients, at all times. We ensure that our clients, whether government, commercial or residential, are able to concentrate on their primary objectives, leaving ASSL to deal with all matters related to security. 

We rely on the following principles to give you the best-in-class service:

  • Professional, yet friendly staff
  • Discretion and Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Adherence to Industry Standards and Regulations
  • Employee duty of care

Thus, this implies that our business model must be sustainable and it is therefore a basic requirement that we conduct our business in a socially responsible manner. 

ASSL is committed to continuously striving to improve the quality of life and contributing to the well-being of its clients, contractors and the community in which we conduct our business. ASSL shall make every effort to:

  • Support health, safety and environmental initiatives
  • Support and work with voluntary and charitable organizations that respond to community needs
  • Draw from the local labour pool to the extent possible.
  1. Our Quality Policy
  2. Our Health & Safety Policy
  3. Our Grievance Handling Policy

  • To make an indelible mark in the sphere of private security within and beyond the Caribbean by being a successful and respected company and market leader that guarantees first class service to our customers.

To be a good corporate citizen - executing superior service relentlessly defining and redefining the parameters of the industry and continually shaping the future through our state of the art services and products that fulfill the needs and highest expectations of our customers.

To foster and elevate the developmental and professional aspirations of our employees.

To cultivate viable and enduring the partnerships internationally as well as locally with the government, the corporate sector, and private citizens. To establish public confidence in the industry as a Principal collaborator through the promotion of personal safety, securing the environment, and protecting our client's critical infrastructure.

The first choice provider of trusted and reliable security solutions and services that protect and secure our communities.

To excel in the protection of life and property of our customers by applying scientific advancements and technology solutions that are apace with evolving global trends, and deliver unrivaled quality services by trained, professional and committed staff who are empowered to create profitable growth while feeling part of a dynamic growing business.




  • Duty: Embodying Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability
    We will faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities entrusted to us and maintain the highest ethical and professional standards. We will never forget that for many we are the face of our clients.
  • Respect: Honoring Our Partners and One Another
    We will highly value the relationships we build with our customers, partners, stakeholders, and each other. We will honor the virtues of liberty, democracy and diversity.
  • Innovation: Creating Opportunities
    We will identify and explore unchartered opportunities to enhance our protection initiatives. We will encourage and recognize our employees’ original thoughts and initiatives and will foster a creative environment in which they can grow, develop, and progress.
  • Vigilance: Safeguarding our Clients
    We shall identify, mitigate and defeat threats to the safety and security of our clients and the communities, which we serve. We will constantly guard against threats.


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Where We Serve


Amalgamated Security, Trinidad

Tel: (868) 626-2775, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Guyana

Tel: (592) 600-4512, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Barbados

Tel: (246) 537-2775, Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Amalgamated Security, Grenada

Tel: (473) 435-2775, Mail:  

Amalgamated Security, St. Lucia

Tel: (758) 450-9171, Mail: 

Amalgamated Security, Antigua

Tel: (268) 562-7679, Mail: